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As Valentine’s day is almost here i thought of taking the stand to speak up and cherish about Love!

Whenever we hear about love or simply think of love it gives us either a good or bad memory in life! There can never be a person who would never get a personalized feeling on love.Incase if there is a person like that then trust me a beautiful love story is on your way!✨

And in the end holding a person’s hand is all we need!

Love, unlike feelings, do not come and go; love stays and commits itself to one person through the good and through the bad. Without commitment, love ceases to exist. A commitment filled love is what differentiates relationships that fall apart when times get a bit rough with the relationships that continue to strive even when life turns them upside down. Many of us have beliefs about love and romance which actually prevents us from making intelligent choices when it comes to love. Love myths, we call it. Let’s take a look at the three deadliest ones and set it straight.

Myth One: Love at First sight!

We’ve come up across this myth quite usually experiencing that love do happens at the first instance we see a person! But does it really?🤔 Well Love never happens at first sight you will never know if this person would come up all along your life.If you really feel so then that is termed infatuation.But do fall in love learn about the person coz true love needs ample amount of time😇

Be there for each other!

Myth Two: Love is all about expecting

Having this feeling that my partner would definetly do whatever i think and want them to do?

Well..If you need to make this love a never ending story be a trustworthy person.Once you trust a person deeply you’ll never need to set up boundries among yourselfs.Rather believe and start creating ideas;which would result in a big growth to your love story! Stop expecting alot from your partners and start being a person whom you would really want your lover to be!🤩

Myth Three:Where there is romance there is love

Romance is not enough to make a relationship work. What will get you through the tough times are compatibility and commitment that you both share together. A good foundation and strength will make a marriage last.🥳 Romance is simply the icing on the cake that is already wonderfully delicious.

Where there is the greatest love, there are always miracles-Willa Cather

So start falling in love with the right person trust them respect them and build bonds together!
Happy Valentine's day
P.S:always a love believer!
The Neighbourhood Girl
The Neighbourhood Girl✨

3 responses to “Love?😉Hmmm….”

  1. Awesome neighborhood girl.. 😉

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  2. Prasath Ramaraj Avatar
    Prasath Ramaraj

    That’s a realistic take on love and I like it👍

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