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When Life was a fairytale

Remember the mesmerising days where waking up early in the morning getting ready,carry the bagpack sitting in never ending classrooms running to the toilet just to escape the english lectures😅 ?

Hope was even filled in our childhoods.

Starting from sleeping near our parents dueing the childhood with no tension till sleeping alone with a heart filled with tension we all grew up!🙂

Those were the days when i used to believe that peacock feathers would multiply when we hide them inside books😅.

Alot of things have changed in life except the little girl inside me!

Keep creating memories and start believing that one day life would change in the way you want it to be✨

Let’s hope and Live our life as life is all about moving on🙂

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3 responses to “When Life was a fairytale”

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  2. Keep Writing More ! 💙


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