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A better place in the sky

Dear Abba,

‘Doesn’t that cloud look like a bowl of popcorn, Abba?’

‘Yes,but I think that’s an Anna cloud.You see,it’s got a tiny little head and pretty curls on top of that, just like yours’,you said on my birthday last year.Then we watched more clouds until mama brought out my cake with the big 8 on top of it.

I still have the gift you gave me,a notebook to write all my stories in.Mama said I couldn’t take a lot of things with me.I didn’t want to take anything else.

Remember how you and mama made jokes about my fussy eating habit? My superhero name was Ms.NeverHungry. A few days back,I told mama that I wish I really was Ms.NeverHungry. I’ve never seen her look more upset.

Yesterday, some nurses came to visit us.A lady took her baby to the nurse.Her face turned pale once she saw that the baby was covered in plastic.I laughed and told her that the baby would get wet otherwise, but no one told me why the nurse started crying after that.

In school,I told Ms.Sara that someday I would build a big and beautiful house and invite all the homeless people to live in it.Someday came sooner than I thought.Mama told me that Ms.Sara went to a “better place”.If she ever visits us,I’ll introduce her to the other 10 people Mama and I share the tent with.Do you think she’ll be proud of me, Abba, even though it’s not a house?

Why did those strange men take you that night? Why did Mama hold me close and cry after we heard that loud noise?

Mama and I miss you a lot, Abba.I saw that Anna cloud again this morning,so I thought I’ll write a letter to you.Omar uncle in the adjacent tent promised me that he’ll make sure the letter reaches you.I know he’ll keep his promise.Do you know why? One of the nurses who visited told me that he is very sick,but he’ll go to a better place soon,a place in the sky.Mama told me that’s where you went.

Do you like the better place, Abba?

Do you watch the clouds from there?

When can we come to the better place in the sky?

With love,



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