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Adios, 2016!

It’s New Year’s eve and while most of you are partying,spending time with friends and family, reminiscing about what a great year it’s been(if you,like me,belong to what seems to be a minority of the population) or lamenting that this year couldn’t have been worse, I’m trying to create a false sense of productivity by putting up another post for this year.

Personally, I’ve had a good year and yes,the world has lost many great people across diverse fields, right from Alan Rickman to Muhammad Ali and most recently,Carrie Fisher but the amount of hatred and negativity on social media regarding this year seems excessive,even as the year draws to a close.

Shouldn’t we embark on a new year feeling hopeful and ambitious,rather than feeling weighed down by the baggage of the previous year?

The rants of my friends prompted me to do a quick google search,which led me here, to do my part in spreading some positivity as we prepare ourselves for the year to come.For a year that seems to have a been a major disappointment to many people, it wasn’t all bad and ugly as it appears.

Of course,the positives don’t make up for the losses but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth remembering.

Those of you who uploaded videos of pouring ice-cold water over your heads,your efforts haven’t gone to waste.The donations from the ALS ice bucket challenge funded a potential breakthrough in research.

Pandas and whales are not endangered anymore.The world tiger count has increased.

Africa doesn’t have to worry about Ebola anymore.World hunger has reached the lowest in 25 years.Several countires have taken large steps against global warming and the global carbon emissions due to burning of fossil fuels hasn’t gone up at all this year.Syrian refugees were welcomed into Canada.

As trivial as this might sound,a new Harry Potter book was released,followed by the Fantastic beasts film.For Potterheads like me,this was a big deal.In addition to being many people’s favourite set of novels, the books have also helped people through tough times.

Closer home,India made global headlines with demonetisation.The Indian athletes exceeded expectations in Rio, especially the women and the paralympians.The Indian Cricket team has topped the test ranking.The state of Kerala achieved 100% literacy. As part of the Paris Climate Agreement,50 million trees were planted in a single day.The country won’t need any new coal plants for the next three years.Netflix made its entry into the Indian market and Reliance came up with Jio.India is now home to the world’s largest solar power plant.ISRO launched 34 satellites.Net neutrality activists triumphed.An Indian acid attack survivor stole the show at New York Fashion Week.

Somewhere in the world,a child has been cured of cancer.A rescued puppy has found a loving home.A family raised a glass to its first graduate.An underpriveleged child has started going to school.Someone has bought their first bike,first car or their first apartment.A young graduate received her first paycheck this year.A young man overcame depression.A patient survived a heart transplant.A first novel was published.First steps were taken.

A victory,irrespective of its magnitude,is a victory.You owe it them to be hopeful.You owe it to yourself,to hope for the best.

To quote Andy Dufresne,                                                                                                               ‘Hope is a good thing.It might even be the best thing.’

Now all that’s left to be said is,Adios,2016! Happy New Year!


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