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Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

This morning, I felt something quite akin to what archaeologists must feel when their research and digging finally leads to a discovery. Well, consider my story the millennial version of that.

And what did I discover, you ask? My blog. I recently bought myself a new laptop and decided to spend my Saturday morning logging in to every account that I’ve ever made(because I have no life) on every website possible, which led me here.

In what I’d like to call the biggest coincidence of my year, today marks the fourth “anniversary” of my blog. Basically, a reminder of how I’d enthusiastically embarked on doing something four years ago and completely ignored it along the way, only to come back for an occasional post or rant.

In an attempt to continue my tradition of erratic writing, I decided to use today’s daily prompt. The word of the day is “juxtapose”.

A lot of people in my school followed a very interesting pattern when it came to giving a speech. The opening line would always be oxford dictionary’s definition of the topic of their choice. Now that I’ve established how creative and original I am, I’m going to go with the same opening line.

Juxtapose. A quick google search helped me find this : If you juxtapose two contrasting objects, images or ideas, you place them together or describe them together, so that the differences between them are emphasized. Heavy stuff. The only time I recall ever having used that word was on a Snapchat caption of some historical monument in Delhi which clearly showed the juxtaposition of Mughal and Hindu architecture. And I’d only done that to sound smart, not that I knew much about the Mughals, Hindus or their building styles.

Giving serious thought to this, however, made me realize that the whole world is centered on juxtaposition. Most conflicts in the world rise out of contrasting views, be it religious, political or otherwise. Every debate that has ever happened has happened because the contrasting ideas of two people were juxtaposed. Every relationship is a juxtaposition of people, quirks included. Juxtaposition of different colors and hues gives birth to art. Every scroll on Instagram is a juxtaposition of the highlight of other people’s lives against you staying in on a Friday night in your pajamas.

It’s interesting to think that we often tend to overlook these small everyday differences and yet subconsciously, some have become a part of who we are. It is this contrast that helps us learn and alter our perspectives. It could also help us to learn and understand ourselves better.

Fours years ago, I decided to use this space to write. Although I haven’t written all that much, my ideas and thoughts are here for the world to see. It’s quite fitting that the daily prompt for today is juxtaposition, because it gives me joy to think that somewhere along the way, my thoughts were in contrast to that of somebody who has read them and maybe, it prompted them to think differently, even if it was for a few seconds.

Isn’t it empowering to think  that an unconventional thought you’ve held on to has the power to change another person’s worldview someday? Maybe, all of us truly have the power to change the world, one contrasting idea at a time.


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